Our belief:

This is where people learn to transform their love into their profession.

Who is the BAVAR population?

The “BAVAR” population of awakening, awareness and growth, is a nongovernmental Organization, which is licensed from the Ministry of the Interior and the Welfare Organization, and supports household women and mothers in line with empowerment (education and employment).

What is the process of “being nobly”?

By entering into “BAVAR”, the BAVAR-seekers enter the process of “being nobly”. The process of “being nobly” is a way to live better. The goal is to institutionalize the process of “being nobly” in the community and extending it to other organizations.

Who is “BAVAR-seeker”?

The BAVAR-seeker is the individual whose inner desire is to move forward, change and be powerful. To this end, she/he enters the process of “being nobly” and supported by the population of “BAVAR”.

Who is “co-BAVAR”?

“Co-BAVAR” is a person who’s aware of the mission and vision of the organization and accepting its implementation strategy; and has begun to accompany the population of awakening, awareness and growth