support merthodsOrder “BAVAR’s” Handcrafts

Collaboration with self-caretaker women and household women with the population of “BAVAR”, both independently and in “BAVAR’s” workshops, has made it possible to design and produce handcrafts of potential women in these workshops and present them to organizations as “Occasional gifts”.

Scholarship of “BAVAR-seekers”

Based on the planning; the “BAVAR-seeker” will be covered by a variety of in-person and out-person supports.

Institutional Social Responsibility

Considering the history of “BAVAR’s” managers in the field of social harm, there is this ability in “BAVAR” to be in the position of social responsibility counselor alongside organizations and accompany them to allocating their resources to unlimited needs in this area.

Ambassadors of “BAVAR”

Through their professional and commercial interactions with the private and legal entities and access to different sources, such as financial and communication resources, organizations have the opportunity to present and support the “BAVAR” and “BAVAR-seekers” in the position of the ambassadors of “BAVAR”.