who is bavarThe term “BAVAR” is a combination of the initial letters of three words (awakening, awareness, and growth). In Persian, “BAVAR” is equivalent to “belief”, derive from the verb Believe. We chose the name (BAVAR) as we believe (Believe in) the empowerment of the society; and ultimately the flourishing of society requires an awakening, awareness and growth. Hence, we identify our target community, which according to the executive protocol of empowerment, has become a member of the community for a certain period and is present in it, as individuals who become involved, in the regard of their awakening, the development of their awareness, and their individual growth; and want to call them “BAVAR-seeker”. On the other hand, according to the executive protocol of empowerment, all those who are involved as executive officials within the organization and as being either supportive or associated with the community outside of it, are known as co-workers who identify awakening, awareness and growth as three main parameters of individual empowerment and society flourishing, which we call them “co-BAVAR”.

In this social growth, people who are subject to harm, including head of household women, self-caretaker girls and women who are concerned with the need for growth and empowerment, in a proper and fructuous process known as the “being nobly” on the path to growth and development, they become capable, productive and influential people in the family and society, who are receptive and enthusiastic to their presence. “BAVAR”, defines its mission as an appropriate basis for this important purpose and is trying to create a dynamic and healthy society for its children through acculturalization, wisdom of the crowd, endearment and participation of “BAVAR-seeker”.